Phenoxyethanol Preservative

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Preservative to be used in body products and cosmetics to inhibit bacteria growth. 

Phenoxyethanol is commonly used as a preservative in cosmetic products to limit the growth of bacteria.
Phenoxyethanol is a good bacteria and yeast killer.
It has an excellent safety and toxicological profile and doesn’t react with other ingredients, air or light. This kind of stability makes it an incredibly effective preservative in cosmetics, soaps, bath products. 
Paraben Free & Formaldehyde Free
Suitable for surfactant formulations as well as lotions and creams, skincare, suncare, colour cosmetics and hair care formulations.
Usage: 0.75 to 1.%
Add to water phase or cool down (preferred method)
Heat tolerant to 80 degrees C
Shelf life 24 months