Hershey kisses Soy wax Candles- 200 gms
Hershey kisses Soy wax Candles- 200 gms
Hershey kisses Soy wax Candles- 200 gms

Hershey kisses Soy wax Candles- 200 gms

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Hershey kisses. Really stylish Hershey kisses candles-  filled with scented soy wax. Choose scent from the fragrance list and confirm when ordering or take a ready made up one. choosing your own scent means you need to give me time to make it. hold just under 200gms

1 million type - designer frag
Alien dupe - designer frag
Ambered sandalwood
Amour- Valentine
Beautiful - designer
Berry Tangerine
Berry Vanilla
Black amber& lavender
Black ice
Black raspberry & vanilla
Buttercream vanilla
Butterfly kisses
Candy cane
Caramel Vanilla
Cinnamon citrus
Cucumber oak
Cedar Forest
Chanel No.5 - designer frag
Christmas Cedar ( Xmas)
Clean Linen ( sun washed linen)
Coconut Lime  
Cotton candy
Cucumber melon
Cucumber oak
Dolce & Gabanna - designer scent
Dragon's blood
Egyptian amber
Femme fatale
Fig & melon
French Lavender
Froot Loops
Fun on the beach
French vanilla
French vanilla bourbon
Fresh mango
Ginger & black orchid
Hugo Boss
Lady million - designer type
Lavender (French)
Lavender & Vanilla
Lemongrass & Persian Lime
Lime & sandalwood
Lotus blossom
Love spell - designer
Lychee & black tea
Lychee guava & sorbet
Lychee peony
Mango & tangerine
Mango & white lilac
Mixed berries
Montego Bay
Mor- marshmallow - designer scent
Moscato sangria
Moulin rouge
Oriental musk
Passionfruit & paw paw
Patchouli & musk
Patchouli, musk & sandalwood
Pearl tuberose
Pineapple Mango
Pineapple, mango & frangipani
Pink ginger
Pomelo grapefruit
Raspberry & vanilla
Red velvet cupcake
Redskins dupe
Ripened Raspberry
Rose & sandalwood
Rose quartz
Rose Victorian
Saigon type
Sandalwood & ginger
Sandalwood & Vanilla
Sandalwood & Rose
Sandalwood, Patchouli & musk
Sangria punch type
Santa’s gingerbread
Sex on the beach
Sinus relief
Summer mango
Summer melon spritzer
Sun washed linen
Sweet orange chilli powder
Tangerine tango
Thai lemon & mango
Tobacco flower & Oak
Tropical honeysuckle
Tropical orange blossom
Tropical sangria
Tropical tangerine
Tuberose Di notti
Vanilla caramel
Vanilla rose
Velvet petals
Very berry
Very Vanilla
Watermelon juicy
White Christmas
White lilac lavender
White mango & lilac
White sage & sea salt
Wild frangipani