A27 wax - performance A27 soy blend pillar wax - great for moulds

A27 wax - performance A27 soy blend pillar wax - great for moulds

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 The Performance Soy Blend A27  is a carefully formulated soy and pillar blend designed to perform consistently in warmer and more volatile conditions. It will resist sweating in hotter climates and can cope with high fragrance loads and potent oils.

Its unique formulation also has greater fragrance binding properties which restricts oil excretion, leaving an impressive smooth surface?

A27 also works great for container candles, melts & moulds so is extremely versatile.

A lot of people have been using this wax for their torso moulds, bubble moulds and lattice moulds as well as the eco soy pillar wax. 

 Known to have outstanding hot and cold scent throw, performs consistently in volatile climates or under strong UV lighting conditions. 
The Performance Soy Blend A27 has:

  • A higher sweating point than other waxes on the market

  • A high fragrance tolerance (6-10%)

  • Smooth set pre and post burn

  • Anti-sweating properties

  • Fantastic oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw

  • Wax remains hard, durable and smooth

  • Great for melts and moulds!

Peak melting temperature 53°C
Congealing temperature 45°C
Range of heating 80°C - 92°C max 
Pouring temp -  between 62°C - 72°C 

Fragrance load  -  6-10% -  this depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required. 8% is a good fragrance loading with wicks, going up to 10 with melts or if desired.