Collection: Moulds

A variety of moulds for soaps and bath bombs. They are silcone and 3D moulds . The 3 D moulds are from the U.S. and are for bath bombs.
54 products
  • 3D Apple #no 1 teacher bath bomb mould- Christmas
  • 3D ball round mould
  • 3D Bunny peeps mould
  • 3D Candy cane Xmas mould
  • 3D chill pill mould
  • 3D Christmas tree mould
  • 3D cupcake mould
  • 3D ghost mould - ideal for Halloween
  • 3D large donut mould
  • 3D Mermaid tail mould
  • 3D mould - Cloud - 2 types- Fluffy cloud and flat cloud
  • 3D mould Reindeer - christmas
  • 3D narwhale- baby shark- sharkie
  • 3D Owl mould
  • 3D paintbrush mould
  • 3D round moulds with writing- Sinus, Shampoo, Chill Pill or Relax