Bath bomb kit

Bath bomb kit

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Bath bomb kits -  make your own fizzy, scented, luxury bath bombs. 
Small, medium and large size. The amount of bath bombs made can differ with how you pack your bombs into the mould.
Small kit holds at least 600 gm of dry product, medium kit holds at least 1200 gms of product and large kit holds 1800 gms of product.

Refill kits and supplies available. Refill kits do not have the bath bomb mould or instructions, hence cheaper. 

Go to the fragrance list to pick a scent from the list and the body safe colours to select a colour and email or message me with your selection. Or a random selection can be made for you. 

Kit includes: 

Bath bomb premix 

Bath bomb mould 

Body safe Scent

Body safe Colour



Bicarb soda, anhydrous citric acid, corn flour, kaolin clay, coconut oil, body safe colour and scent. 

note: the stainless steel mould and aluminium moulds are both 63 mm across, the aluminium one does not hold as much product as the stainless steel one.