Collection: Kid's gifts

Kid's gifts, ranging from soaps, bath bombs, bubble bath, body wash, lip balms, candles, gift packs. and more. 

Unicorns, Hello kitty, Star wars, Macarons, Duck soaps and character creations are part of the kid's range. Still uploading stock. 

31 products
  • Mickey Mouse soap
  • Teddy bear soaps
  • Dinosaur soaps - goats milk
  • Clear soap with fish toy embed
  • Unicorn soap bar - large
  • Shopkins bling necklaces - 2 types- jewellery
  • Unicorn pamper packs - bath bomb, soap & more
  • Macaron style lip balms
  • Birthday tin candle
  • Hello Kitty soap & bubble bath gift pack
  • Bath bombs - Unicorn horn bath bomb
  • Kidz bath bombs - 6 cavity
  • Macaron soaps.
  • Easter soaps- mini soap packs
  • Donut soaps in clear gift box